Monday, January 08, 2007

Family Days

We went to Zilker Park today in downtown Austin and it was cooold which we had come completely unprepared for. I ended up using Brando's sweatshirt and my jacket because I'm cold blooded. Justinbustin was the only one of us completely prepared with four shirts on. Yes. Four shirts. That's my Justinbustin. He was so sweet and gave one to Shawners - that's our Justinbustin too, so now Shawners was warm enough, I was warm enough, Justinbustin was warm enough, and Brando suffered, because, well, he's Brando and he does that sort of thing. I did rub his arms to keep him warm though! We took Brownie, the pups, and leash trained her a little more. The boys ran on ahead and we walked arm in arm with the puppy by our side, and talked. It was such a great family time. After our walk we climbed rocks and then as we headed to the car Shawners says, "I'm the oneth, Daddy you're the twoth, Mommy you're the threeth, and Justinbustin you're the fourth." We can't even remember what it was about but it was so cute it had to be blogged.


Kimberly said...

Too cute! Glad you guys had a good time, and I can't believe that its cold in Texas! I just hope the rain will hold off for a week while I'm out there in a few days! :~


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