Sunday, December 24, 2006

On a Planned Note

We opened gifts from Opa this morning and Shawner's gift that he was entirely unhappy with he is now completely engrossed in. It must be the age. Justiners, the one we were worried about, was perfectly happy with his Learning Case and says, "Yay! Math!" The stollen is yummy, the coffee is warm, the Christmas tree is full of presents - and this is a tough year. Our lives are full of people who love us and it's a beautiful day to cozy in and be.

stollen: An annual holiday tradition hailing from Germany, stollen is a sweet dessert bread made with nuts, raisins and other dried fruits. Oebel is a world favorite, known for their delicious varieties (the moist marzipan is especially popular), superior quality and rich buttery flavor. Try it toasted for Christmas morning breakfast, or use for a memorable French toast, as well as for dessert, snacking and gift giving throughout the holidays.


Stacey said...

Merry Christmas!!

The stollen looks so good. I've nearly bought some every time I go to World Market, but talk myself out of it each time because I've never tried it before. Now that I know it's good stuff, I'm sure I'll be buying some the next time I'm there!


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