Monday, May 01, 2006

Super Relaxing Weekend

It was pure family.

I can't remember what we did Friday evening, but that's when it started when B said he was taking Saturday off. My plans adjusted to include him, and they did wonderfully. We stayed up til' 3am watching movies and playing games and woke up bright and early on Saturday at 9am to get J to his trial ice skating class at the rink by 11:10am. We got there right at 11:10am and he ended up being the only kid there for the trial class. So he had a private lesson. The coach was blown away by him. I told him he's only been a few times, and everything he asked J to do he did. I think he probably did about 4 lessons right then because he was so impressed how well he was doing.

Afterwards we headed downtown to Festival Beach for this years Dragon Boat Festival. The boats were so neat, with ornate dragonheads on the front and scales painted on the sides. They had some noteworthy teams there - Dell had two, Samsung had one, and the Austin Police Dept. had one. Those guys and girls were BUFF on their upper arms. We never really found out who won, but I think Dell won one and I'm pretty sure the APD won one as well. We walked around the park for a bit and watched some karate and asian shows they were putting on. Dell was giving away free water, and they had free Chinese food (yum!) but we'd already ate so we passed on that.

Dragon Boat Festival

We headed home and stopped by HEB for BBQ supplies and came home and barbequed by the pool. The kids splashed around for a half an hour and I read my InStyle magazine to B and we ended up coming home to eat before dark set in. The kids went to bed and B and I settled in for another night of movies and games. This time we only stayed up til 2am : ) .

Sunday we went to church and checked out the class for college age adults class, as B's brother is going to be moving here next week and wants to get involved in our church with us. They seemed like an energetic group and I loved their music so much I wanted to go!

After church we came back to our pool with our nephews and lazed around for a bit. I dragged a lounge chair into the one and a half foot area just enough so the I was lounging in a few inches of water and basked in the sun.

We met up with 3 other couples from our class for dinner at 4:30pm at a super fun place where the kids could play at the playground they had. My nephews were there, so one of them hung out with them outside which was really nice. It was fun to meet these people - one of them is pregnant and due next month and having a midwife. It was so fun to chat with someone who is going through that experience, so few people around here seem to. At least here up in North Austin, according to her South Austin is full of people who use midwives. Another lady was pregnant and due next week, she teaches the Spanish class at the place J will be attending school next year so it was fun to meet with her.

Waterloo Ice House

We didn't get out of there til' 7pm so we came home and settled in for... yup, another night of games and movies. Only this time we watched our Pastor from our Californian church on B's computer ahead of time with the boys. If you don't get a chance to get to church and want to listen to some really practical stuff, this guy is great and he's hilarious! And his sermons are podcast! Whatever that means I don't know, but I do know B downloads it on his computer. So we tucked the boys in bed and discussed our plans for the week. I made a quick run to the store with the neighbor's cute little dog who was missing his mommy for ice cream and reese's and we settled in for Dante's Peak and more games.

Did I mention I've taken three bubble baths, maybe four, in the last week? This break has been oh so good for me. Heh. I don't think I even mentioned I've been taking a break... I think I'll save that for another post.


Alyssa said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I can't wait to watch movies and games with my husband in 9 DAYS!! Bubble baths now that sounds great! I cannot wait to start having bubble baths again!

Laura said...

Wow, it sounds like the last few days have been so wonderful and relaxing for you! I'm sure the late night QT with your husband has been great. . . Write about the 'break'. :)

beth said...

jam packed fun, and yet, it sounds relaxing and wonderful as well! good for you!!

Allison said...

What a fun weekend! I would LOVE to come down for the dragon boat festival next year. I bet that was tons of fun!! And heck, free chinese food...ill take that any day!! Yay for fun family weekends!!


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