Friday, December 30, 2005

What Is

A home without laughter from the loved ones of your extended family?

A home without the joy of births, babies, pain, and joy?

A home without grandparents, aunts, uncles, oma's, opa's, cousins, brother in laws, and sister in laws?

A home without the comings and goings of those who love you most, will take advantage of you the most, and who you can take the most advantage of?

A home without an extra kind word from someone close enough to care when you just don't have the extra kind word in you?

A home that sighs at the happiest of occasions because of the people that are missing in it?

A home that drops tears silently at night, in the morning, and in between?

A home that would prefer the tears to be silent rather than be comforted?

This is our home, at least the part of me that is this home.


Cecilia said...

I absolutely love the raw honesty in here, my friend. Each question imparts a touching image that your heart was able to paint for us.

It is the kind of home that understands what is most basic, necessary and undeniably innocent.

It is the kind of home that knows and accepts what has been and what it will hold. Realities and realizations.

It is the kind of home that holds a certain candied candlelight glow with a honey roast warmth in the air that everyone will remember....with kaleidoscope-like visions of times recorded and stored in their pockets of memories as they traverse places thinking how well they turned out...and all thanks to THAT glorious home.

Go forth and eat your chocolates, my dear friend. :) And enjoy your family with the coming New Year.

Thinking of you with warmth and love,

Allison said...

Wow, cecilia put it so perfectly that I'm not sure what there is left to say!


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