Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas Cheer Meme

Found at Amber's.

1) What is your favourite Christmas scent?

Evergreen and peppermint. Evergreen fresh from the trees, it can't be a candle. And peppermint - well from anywhere.

2) What do you think is the most enjoyable thing to do in the snow?

Making snowballs and snowmen. They had snow at the local ice skating rink the other day and that's exactly what we did.

3) If you were a photographer who was given the chance to go back in history to capture a Christmas photograph, where would you go and what would it be?

It would be a Victorian Christmas with the Christmas tree lit with actual candles with the family gathered around singing Christmas songs and a fire lit nearby on a cold Christmas Eve.

4) Regardless of monetary value, what is the single most meaningful Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

My beautiful gorgeous pots and pans last Christmas. To me, that made the last five years of enjoying, loving, and just doing cooking validated. Too bad I don't cook anymore. Haven't gotten back into it I should say, but then I wonder when I'm going to when I say that.

5) If, like Santa, you could take a night flight in a sleigh over any city in the world, which city would you choose?


6) What ingredients go into your favourite Christmas drink or beverage?

Apples, cinnamon, cloves and sugar, in Hot Spiced Apple Cider.

7) Do you prefer blinking or non-blinking Christmas lights?

Flickering and white.

8) Out of all the musical instruments, which one do you think is the most appropriate for the Christmas season?

A string instrument.

9) At Christmas time, which do you honestly enjoy more, giving or receiving?

Giving, without a doubt. Though I do love receiving from my hubby!

10) Do you have any ethnic or ancestral traditions that you honour during the Christmas season?

My hubby is German so we do St. Nikolaus day as well on Dec. 6th and Stolen for our morning breakfast. I just read Amber's answer about opening presents on Christmas Eve, my hubby's family does that too (German). I've been considering it as it makes the Christmas morning less hectic when they only have Santa gifts to open. This Christmas we've been doing a few presents a night since Monday because we're going out of town for our actual Christmas.

11) Everyone in the office has been asked to place an ornament on the company Christmas tree that best represents him/herself. What would your ornament look like?

A sparkly snowflake.

12) If you could spend Christmas in any European country, which one would it be?

I'm not sure of the country but London would be where.

13) If snow could fall in any flavour, what flavour would you choose?


14) What is the longest line you can remember waiting in during the Christmas season?

I don't.

15) If you could indulge in only one type of cookie this holiday season, which cookie would you be eating a lot of?

Candy cane cookies.

16) What gift have you wanted for years but still haven’t received?

I got my Christmas village this year, complete with a choir inside the church windows and a couple getting married inside the City Hall's windows, so.... a shopping spree at Sephora where I could get anything I want would be just fabulous.

17) What aspect of preparing for Christmas do you like the most?

The lights, the tree, the ornaments, the gift wrapping.

18) What is your favourite Christmas decoration in your home (your tree doesn’t count!).

It's a toss up between my Santa Fairy and my German Nativity Scene Carousel.

19) If you had a great voice and could record a Christmas duet with any famous singer, whom would you choose as your singing partner?

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

20) If you could take a scenic drive anywhere in America this holiday season, where would you most want to drive?

Wherever there are lights. There's a place in Provo, Utah where every.single.tree in a Christmas Tree forest of backyards was lit.

21) What is the biggest change in your life since last Christmas?

Moving cross country from the coast to the hill country.


beth said...

very festive questions and answers. It gives me a whole new side of you. I like it!

girl from florida said...

What a great post!! Can I go with you on your shopping spree to Sephora? :) :)


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